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Hatsune Miku by Sukabu

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2014.01.27  IA HB!

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手刀葉 // IA/VT
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I love her design so much! (◞ꈍ∇ꈍ)◞‧₊°♡

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※Permission to upload this was given by the artist

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Oh meiko this is why we like you :p

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MikitoP(愛島工房) ft. GUMI - “Ballerina Girl” バレリーコ

(warning: mature content)"By the time I realized its significance, it was over. The sound of our slippers echoes from the stairwell of the old school building…"

Sorry for the delay but I’m finally back online here in the US. (Vacation with family in South Carolina left me with minimal internet), and WOW what a song to come back to. I suppose I’ll never look at the concept of two high-schoolers “getting it on” on a staircase (pretty trashy when I was in school a few years ago, hopefully still is) the same way again. This song isn’t just a “secret” song about sex, it’s a pretty deep story about how some people experience love and “growing up” (but not necessarily in a good, happy, or satisfying way as many of us can attest to from our HS years). For those who haven’t heard of it before, I think it would be wise to read up on “The Black Swan” to better understand some of the text and references in the video. Several parts of the story are shaped by Japanese highschool life as well, including the references in the intro and lyrics to the “odoriba” (dance hall, as it was mistranslated on Nico), which in reference to school and buildings generally refers to the landing of a stairwell, the kind of place you realistically might (and in fiction quite often do) hook-up with someone in a Japanese school building I suppose (*blush*). Also we don’t really have uwabaki (indoor shoes) in the west, so I translated it as “school slippers” (referring to those white, soft-soled shoes Japanese school kids wear). I hope people will not hate on this song too much for being “disgusting” and will instead appreciate MikitoP’s team’s hard work, and the depth of the lyrics and how they refer to the sometimes painful and bittersweet lessons that teens learn when they take those first steps towards “growing up”. All the ballerina poses probably don’t refer to “those” kind of poses, but rather more how she is putting on a ballet performance like “The Black Swan” for that boy who she thinks is “the one” for her, although in the end the song is really about them having sex after school so it’s not like you can polish that up too much lol. There’s a few times MikitoP even drops some very blunt references, including her talking about bleeding during her first time and also the on-screen text 目合ひ, which literally means “sex”. I’m not MikitoP so I am just trying to help people understand the song a bit, so I can’t set anything in stone, but if you have more questions I will try to elaborate in the future.

Original Upload: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm24108252
Instrumental: http://bit.ly/1ppjEBJ

music&words みきとP(mylist/19099704)Twitter @mikito_p_
illust 田中寛崇 http://gomnaga.org @tanakahirotaka
movie りゅうせー(mylist/7985102)@ryuuseee
engineer 友達募集P(mylist/22904031)@tomobop
-from the Love-Island Workshop 愛島工房 (MikitoP’s Creative Group)

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